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 Dev Update 30 Sep 17

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PostSubject: Dev Update 30 Sep 17   Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:04 pm

Nothing is planned to go live this weekend. We don't want to do a restart and take away anyone's weekend game time.

That doesn't mean I'm not working on things to bring to you all next week.

I've had multiple requests from multiple sources for several different things, and this is what I'm currently testing\working on:

DCI/HCI : 75

There was an issue with bandage speed sometimes being greater with dex over 120 than with it below.
I'm looking into changes for an improved/more consistent speed with dex greater than 120, which should basically be everyone..

Resource Keys:
This will be an addition, and a system I really like. This is not going to replace the current master loot system. The loot bag will still work the way it currently does and those deeds are not going away.
The "keys" will work in conjunction, so no one loses anything, and you can use whichever one you are more comfortable with.
We will likely be rolling these items out to a vendor stone near you.

Levelable Item Deed:
These are only for weapons.
This will no longer get consumed when targeting something other than a weapon.
We do not intend to make other items levelable. We have imbuing and spellcrafting for item improvements.

Mastering the Soulforge Quest:
This was supposed to be giving out a 120 Imbuing scroll, but only gave out 115's. This will be giving out 120's in the near future.

A few other minor tweaks that staff have asked for that involve new shard content.
We have several staff that are working pretty hard behind the scenes to get new places and quests ready to go for everyone. I'm just the code monkey, they put in place for you all to use.

And finally just a reminder, nothing is likely to go live this weekend. This stuff should be rolling out early next week.
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Dev Update 30 Sep 17
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