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 Dev Update 3 Feb 2018

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PostSubject: Dev Update 3 Feb 2018   Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:00 am

Sorry about the crash this morning. I was testing something and there was a deadlock that crashed before I could make sure everyone was safe. Please bear with us as we figure out the odds and ends of the new server.

New Stuff!
Golden Sand Vortex - New creature. Just made it. Here only by request.
These are similar to the Iron Beetle, except they mine sand. Look for them around the world

Serpentine Wyrm - These are new ridable critters that are smaller than but similar to the Serpentine Dragon.

Reduce Breeding Timer Deeds, and a Greater version. These reduce the timer for breeding new pets.
Reduce Mating Delay Deeds, and a Greater version. These reduce the timer before your pet can mate again.
Don't wanna wait the full time? Buy the deed.
The Greater versions clear out the time entirely.

Pet breeding no longer requires a second person.

Increases were made to the bio stats so they could be a little stronger, since some of our monsters are.

Bug Fixes
Power scroll exchange will now consider lumberjacking, mining and cooking powerscrolls to be crafting, just like the rest.
Sorry, no more exploiting that loop hole.

Advanced Druid and NecroMage AI's will now set the critters to the right AI. Sorry about that.

Some work done to Bio Pets to prevent humanoid pets. If you want a humanoid pet, buy a merc.

Chest of the Female Magi, Gorget/Gloves of the magi are now meddable.

More tweaks to the Evo horse. Hopefully it works this time.
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Dev Update 3 Feb 2018
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