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 Dev Update 30 November 2017

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PostSubject: Dev Update 30 November 2017   Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:01 pm

A fix was done to the commands for the Arch Magic spells. One of the commands pointed to the wrong spell.

T7 Treasure maps should now be able to be stored in the Treasure Hunters Keys.

You can now gain more positive and negative fame and karma. This will have an effect on several spells that use karma to fuel them, and on artifact rewards for things like the Doom Gauntlet.

Moved the stat scaling for creatures that take a stat point penalty from 50% to 60%. Most of the stats are not higher than what the taming points allow for their number of control slots, so this is not as important as on vanilla servers.
Made a small tweak to the skill loss for taming creatures with skills greater than 100 so it should be a little easier for them to regain some of those skills.

Stygian critters:
Creatures have been increased in power within the Stygian Abyss. They are somewhat resistant to pet damage. They have a small chance at dropping a new item, Stygian Mist.

Some of these creatures, including a few that were previously untamable, can now be tamed in Stygian Abyss. All of these creatures will have a ten percent higher taming requirement. The Stygian Mist will remind them a little of home and will increase their loyalty to their master.(the use for this will be expanding)

There are tamable and non-tamable versions of some of these creatures. Be on the lookout for the tamable ones.

The tamable creatures are:
Clockwork Scorpion
Corrosive Slime
Dark Wisp
Fairy Dragon
Fire Steed
Greater Dragon
Greater Mongbat
Lava Lizard
Lava Snake
Silver Serpent
Skeletal Dragon
Skeletal Drake
Skeletal Mount
Note: These creatures are not automatically rolled out as part of the server update. They are new creatures that will be spawned in place of the current creatures so that creatures outside of Styggian Abyss are not affected. They will be getting placed over the course of the next week or so.
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Posts : 75
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PostSubject: Re: Dev Update 30 November 2017   Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:07 pm

Some of these mobs are now out and about in Styg. Enjoy.
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Dev Update 30 November 2017
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