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 Dev - Upcoming Changes

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PostSubject: Dev - Upcoming Changes   Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:38 pm

Hey all. Things have been quiet from me for a bit. I had a case of the RL take over, which severely limited my time and ability to contribute to the shard.
While it was limited, I've still been working on some things. I've got most of the new stuff ready to roll, but I have some tweaking/testing still to do.

Done but not yet on the server:
Petrafied/Petrified Wood should all get stored in the Reagent Key.
Arrows/Bolts should get auto pulled from the wood Storage Key.
Gargoyle Evolution Armor
Abyssal Infernal will no longer teleport you to an invalid map spot

A new deed that will allow spellweavers without compatriots to summon a 4 strength focus stone with a very long life span.

Not done, but soon will be:

Spells. Lots of spells.
I've always felt that most people on shards with unlimited skills use a lot of magic, but almost always secondary to a good melee weapon, less due to choice than due to necessity. That's never sat well with me, but balancing it is definitely a challenge.
I started creating some custom spells for us and realized that lot of what I wanted already exists.
Parts of the ACC spell system are being implemented.
We haven't decided how this is going to get distributed yet, but I'm intending to include the Ancient and Cleric spells, as well as some of the spells that I've added, which includes a few Magery, Chivalry, Necromancy, Mystic, and Spellweaving spells. Much of the Ancient spells from ACC are what I like to think of as "fluff" spells. Things good for RP and fun, but also some pretty destructive ones. All of the spells that I have created are essentially advanced versions of spells that already exist. Mages get some area and single target damage in the fire and energy range. The new Chiv spells have some bite, and are heavily karma dependent. Necromancers finally get a dedicated life tap, and a stronger poison spell. Spellweavers get a stronger focus and cold area damage spell. The focus can be much stronger if you get a few people together and will make all Spellweaving spells stronger. Mystics will get to bring more chaos.

Almost all new spells are basically going to function as though we have circles 9 - 11, depending on the power of the spell. That means longer cast times, higher mana requirements and with 140 skill, some will fizzle. The most powerful of the new spells will give Whirlwind Attack a run for it's money.

This update will be big, it is unique to us, it should be fun, and it will be soon. Thanks for your patience.
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Dev - Upcoming Changes
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