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 WT Donation Scrolls & Link

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Candy Apple

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PostSubject: WT Donation Scrolls & Link   Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:21 am

Hello to all cheers the WT Donation Scrolls you can buy from this link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=P69YVK6YW8CEY#/checkout/openButton 
they are to buy Items in the game! Located in the Token, Gold and WT Donations Scrolls  Area.  Items are Displayed there  bom check it out!!
A public gate book =100 WT Donation Scrolls =$10.00. this is the same gate you use in game!!
A Blessing Bag =115 WT Donation Scrolls =$15.00. This Bag will bless all your items when dropped into it!!
All Armor sets for humans and gargs =200 WT Donation Scrolls =$20.00
a dragon steed = 200 WT Donation Scrolls =$20.00
a hell nightmare =115 WT Donation Scrolls each = $15.00
Cellar addon =115 WT Donation Scrolls =$15.00 You have to PM Candy Apple or Wendy and Candy will deco it however you want it!!
Turtle fountain =50 WT Donation Scrolls =$5.00
Granite Furness =100 WT Donation Scrolls =$10.00 This item turns granite into sand!
An Enormious Dragon =100 WT Donation Scrolls =$10.00 Breedable
A Mercenary =300 WT Donation Scrolls =$30.00
A 12 pet followers deed =100 WT Donation Scrolls =$10.00
Mobile Soul Forage =100 WT Donation Scrolls =$10.00
3rd House plot or a Staff Built house =200 WT Donation Scrolls =$20.00 There is a Display area for the Staff built Houses on the Gate.
Greater Arcane Focus Deed! =50 WT Donation Scrolls =$5.00 gives an arcane focus that lasts for like three years
Training Ely =200 WT Donation Scrolls =$20.00

There will be more to come!!!
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WT Donation Scrolls & Link
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