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 Dev Update 15 Oct 17

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PostSubject: Dev Update 15 Oct 17   Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:58 pm

I would have had these things in this morning, but I was dealing with internet and power outrages in my area since yesterday afternoon and couldn't get candy the files. Sorry for the afternoon reboot.

Champions (not MOA) now have a very small chance of giving a pet power scroll

Most vendors now have more starting inventory, and a quicker restock. Instead of starting at 20, they should start with 100 of most items, and restocking in twenty minutes instead of an hour.

Young Stone vendor should now only check to see if the character is young, not if the account is.

There is a small increase(5%) to the likelihood of an elemental spawning when mining with a gargoyle pick axe

Stat scrolls can now be removed from the key. They should correct any issues with previously written bad data to the scrolls when removed.

Runic tools should now be able to be added and removed from the keys. Sorry for the delay on this, I had to do a lot of digging to get this sorted.

Mobile Soul Forge - This is a this shard only thing that I custom made. This heavy (30 stone!) forge will allow you to unravel items in your pack on the go. You cannot use it to imbue or reforge. This is only for unravelling. This should be showing up on a donation stone near you.

As usual, there is still a healthy amount of things that I'm still working on/looking into.
Things I suspect I'll get sorted in the next week: Reduced BOD delays, Mastery Book drop rate, and workable glass seemingly not existing on craft menus when should be craftable.

Things I hope to get addressed this week but maybe not solved: Adding Grave Robbing, Enhancements, Yumi mana leech, misc Bushido issues, and runic crafting numbers. If there is something you really want looked into sooner than later, or if I've forgotten to write something down, please let me know.
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Dev Update 15 Oct 17
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