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 Dev Update 12 Oct 17

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PostSubject: Dev Update 12 Oct 17   Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:52 pm

With today's restart earlier, we have a few things that went in. I am still looking into several things I haven't figured out or been able to find help on just yet. Rest assured, it's still on my list.

Here is what we got:
New Stone Vendors: Probably an unpopular thing; The token stones in the newbie area are or will be changed so that the free ride will just be for the newbies. New players will have 7 days to use the stones.

The imbuing key has had star sapphires added to it.

Stat Scrolls -- I said some time ago that we would come up with some type of reward for those that received stat scrolls that can't use them. The powerscroll exchange was updated to accept those stat scrolls. There are two caveats to this. Because of when some changes went in to the stat caps, some of them might show up a little weird. When turning in a stat scroll you "should" get a power scroll of value within a certain range. +25 stat scrolls should give you a powerscroll somewhere between 130 and 140. +20 should give you a powerscroll somewhere bewteen 125 and 135. The rest should go accordingly. I say should because the values are a little odd due to when the stat changes took place. If you have an older scroll, you might get a weird value. If it's a powerscroll with a value not in the range of 105-140 please contact me. I will get you a power scroll of an appropriate value in exchange. Worst case if our schedules don't line up, leave it locked down or in a container in your house, tell me where it is and I'll swap it out as soon as I can.
The other kicker to this is that I was unaware until recently that while the powerscroll book stores stat scrolls, we can't get them out. I have a work around, but it will clear out the current content. I don't want to deny anyone rewards they are due. You have two weeks to get in touch with me so that I can verify any stored stat scrolls. Get in touch with me within the next two weeks, and I will compensate you. After that, I will update the book and anything in there will be lost. If I haven't verified your items before then because of a failure to work with me on how I can do so, it's your loss.

The Harrower - I really don't like to keep changing systems, but there was a bug that could cause the server to crash with the bonus power scroll awards I setup. I have fixed that bug. In addition, I have slightly scaled back the damage mitigation that was put on pets with this guy. So, no more crashing, more powerscrolls, and he might only giggle instead of laugh when a pet hits him.

Evo pets - Some evo pets have a separate mating system all their own. This was part of the dragon that I inherited when I implemented it, and this is in our custom evos as well. If you double click on a female of one of these evos, if this is enabled, you will get a targeting option to select a male of the same type. This was being allowed before they fully evolved and that has been changed. They should no longer be able to use THIS mating system until they are at their highest stage. This won't take affect until they hit something.
Also of note - When the females do this, they go into a mating stage. This stage is three days long. The female becomes a blessed object at this point. They cannot fight, they cannot take nor give damage, and they should not be able to be targeted by mobs. This wasn't documented before, and it was a surprise to me initially, so this is a friendly heads up. The males are unaffected by the mating time period.

Bio's - After some reports of the difficulty to collect DNA, I did some testing of this, and found that the amount of broken vials, and failed attempts, to collect DNA was pretty excessive. I have modified your chances to collect DNA to receive a bonus for skill over 100 taming. This made some of the DNA collection much easier. In the limited testing that I did it went from an average of 30 vials to collect one sample of mental DNA to about 7. This was done with 6K luck for reference.
In addition to the DNA collection, their stats were buffed slightly. They will not compete with an Evolution Dragon. With maximum DNA benefits they should be somewhere between the Evo Horse and the Evo Tiger, except that they have a strong backpack, can make use of bandages to heal themselves, and seem to enjoy the use of whirlwind attack.
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PostSubject: Re: Dev Update 12 Oct 17   Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:57 pm

One more thing I forgot to note that I wanted to make clear:
With having a higher cap on skills, some skills CANNOT be trained that high. Chivalry for example cannot be trained naturally higher than 115 because of how the gain system works. Some other skills will gain naturally up to 140. Others will not. We are not going to adjust the gain system for this. Those pink scrolls that add skill points, or a skill ball, are your best friend in these cases. So.. don't trash them by default. They do have a value for some skills. Spoiler alert: Focus isn't one of them.
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Dev Update 12 Oct 17
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